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Tawana Hendrix ([personal profile] peace_and_love) wrote2013-04-29 10:00 pm

relaxing night

 Today was another good day! Finally got to a black belt at work, thanks to Bob's help (Btw, that means I sold 50 product of the months in April!) I hate selling sometimes though...Im not that good at it, but then again, you can't force people to buy shit. They either do or they dont! But at least I get credit for them & we get pizza parties for selling now. & also a $75 bonus! So I cant complain.

Came home & relaxed. Been playing Tomb Raider, cleaned, watched some Pewdiepie videos, & am now about to watch the new How I Met Your Mother. Their getting so close to the season finale, I'm so excited! Not much going on today, can't wait for days off <3 
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[personal profile] willowandwisps 2013-05-01 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
Haha I was like black belt what? Awesome gal, can't wait for our girls night on the 11th! I got moms card at the mall today! We need to go shopping next Thursday btw!